Sunday, 12 July 2020

Teacher's Information Guide for The World in Johnny's Back Garden

I am excited to announce my brand new Teacher's Information Guide for The World in Johnny's Back Garden. I was inspired to create this free guide after some massively successful author visits to local primary schools. My story created such a buzz in the schools with the pupils and the teachers. It was an amazing and humbling experience. This guide also allowed me to go into much more detail about the events, issues and factual information that I could only touch upon in the story itself.

Free Guide

The idea for this guide is it can be used by parents or teacher's for homeschooling or in a classroom environment. It can also be used to review the contents of the story to see if this is something you or your kids would loved to read. You can even just use it for something really interesting to read without even downloading the book.

I created a free PDF version of this guide for you to view online or download for printing. Please click on the icon below.

This guide will also be available for free on Smashwords in various formats and in all other leading bookstores.

Did you know?

I recently became aware that not everyone knows that it is possible to put a PDF file on your Kindle to read like an ebook. It is quite an easy three step process. 

Step 1: Simply plug your Kindle into your computer and then open the files on Windows Explorer.

Step 2: Find the folder that contains all your book folders. Make a new folder and name it the same as the book title.

Step 3: Copy your PDF file and Paste it into your newly named folder then disconnect your Kindle safely from your computer and reboot it.

The World in Johnny's Back Garden

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