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Title: Didi and the Gunslinger by Patti Larsen

General Information

Publisher: Purely Paranormal Press
Author: Patti Larsen
Year of publication: May 30th 2015
Number of pages: 299

Plot summary: (blurb)

Trash Heaven has been Didi Duke’s home for as long as she can remember. The dumping ground of the galaxy provides her with everything she’s ever needed or wanted. Except, maybe, the attention of her inventor father, always busy with his next creation. Good thing he’s passed on his talents to his sixteen-year-old daughter. With the company of her best friend—the cyborg crow, Pip—Didi is happy to scour her territory for treasures discarded as trash. But, when an evil Underlord kidnaps her father, Didi can no longer hide herself away in the garbage. Her plan to resurrect a retired cyborg gunslinger and rescue her dad leads her into danger and the heart of the rotting planet—Trash City. She’ll figure out the rest of her plan—eventually.

Positive points

I really enjoyed reading this story. It's one of the most enjoyable stories I have read for a while. I loved the characters, human and none-human. It was a perfect mix of goodies and baddies with a story-line filled with twists and turns. There was plenty of action to keep me turning the pages. I looked forward to getting my Kindle out at work and was sad when the story ended leaving me wanting more! Hats off to the author!

Negative points

There was nothing negative. The book was well written in 3rd person perspective and showing the story from two points of view. It worked well. It was also well edited.

What makes this book unique

The characters made this story unique to me. The robotic crow was a touch of genius.

Overall impression

A very well written and well edited story that I enjoyed very much. I totally recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a bit of sci-fi and a lot of adventure.

My rating

 A very well earned five stars!

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Meet the author

I'm an award winning writer with a passion for the voices in my head. With many (many!) titles across many (many!) genres, all in happy publication, there's no end in sight...

That being said, I'm short (permanent), slightly round (changeable) and blonde (for ever and ever). I love to talk one on one about the deepest topics and can't seem to stop seeing the big picture. I happily live on Prince Edward Island, Canada, home to Anne of Green Gables and the most beautiful red beaches in the world, with my very patient husband and multiple cats, pug overlord and lady and Gypsy Vanner gelding, Fynn.

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