Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Through the Eyes of a Child by Kurt Chambers

When I was a child,
I remember when,
everything in life,
seemed much simpler then.

I try to capture that feeling,
from the eyes of a man,
when my heart is bleeding,
I try all I can.

Life's such an adventure,
when you are small.
This tiny person,
who knows nothing at all.

There is a whole world,
crammed with exciting things.
You want to discover,
the joy that they bring.

The smell of good food,
or the warmth of the sun.
Something you made,
or just wanting to run.

The taste of ice cream,
and a day in the park.
Wondering what's out there,
when my garden grows dark.

You imagine great things,
that the future could hold,
and believe almost everything,
when you are told.

As you get older,
the illusion grows frail.
Flowers less sweeter,
their colours more pale.

You think you grow wiser,
by the things you are taught,
but one day you realise,
you have only been caught.

You are trapped in a world,
that was created for you.
Not by your dreams,
or what you wanted to do.

If I could only go back,
to the days I once knew,
when all things in life,
were shiny and new.

To dream new dreams,
and once again smile.
Life is so much brighter,
through the eyes of a child.