Sunday, 30 September 2018

Achievements by Children's Author Kurt Chambers

This week is a very challenging week for me. Life can be pretty crazy sometimes as I'm sure you all know too well. So to cheer myself up I decided to write a post about all the achievements I managed to pull off this year so far to help put things into a much better perspective. Despite having to deal with some pretty horrific scenarios, this year has actually been a very good year in so many ways.

January 1st 2018

Yes, New Years Day is a day I will never forget. The birth of another beautiful granddaughter, Athena. What an amazing start to the New Year! She is the most beautiful, cutest kid you could ever meet. Admittedly, I may be a little bias being her granddad, but she really is. I have this amazing connection with her, like she can sense all the unconditional love just pouring out of me.

I love all my grandchildren so much, they are like little gifts from God for all the hard work we put in as parents. And now my youngest daughter is expecting and is due at around March next year. I can't wait!

Home Improvements

I made some massive improvements to my home this year. We had a new roof fitted earlier in the year and one of the scaffolders dropped a pole onto my patio door causing some irreparable damage. So as compensation, they fitted a brand new unit and paid us £500. It's a great improvement and really brings the garden into my living room.

I was also given some massively expensive metal artwork that we took out of some posh flats in Harrow. We had to remove them as they were deemed a fire hazard. So I used them to replace the tatty old trellis in my garden. They came out awesome and were a big hit with the plants!

This year we also managed to purchase a brand new set of sofas. My old ones were second hand and about at the end of their life. It has been over 20 years since I was able to buy a brand new sofa. I also redecorated my living room changing it completely. New curtains, lights and carpet throughout the whole downstairs and the upstairs landing. I love new carpet. That too is something I haven't been able to do for many years.


I have had two amazing holidays this year. In June we went to visit Wales for the first time. The weather was spectacular! The site was awesome. It had everything you could ever want and it was within walking distance to the beach. We went to visit some awesome castles. It was just a great holiday.

Our second holiday was in the beautiful county of Devon. I love that part of the country and have been there many times. It is a spectacular part of the world. I love the fact that going on holiday twice a year is the norm for us now. I hope it continues.

There was one small downfall. We had to borrow a car because my car was having a problem with the lights, so we simply swapped cars. We were almost at our destination, about 10 minutes away from Dawlish when we got a phone call saying..."I am so sorry! We crashed your car and have written it off!" What a way to start your holiday!

But this tale does have a happy ending! I was given the money to buy a new car to replace this one. And I'm so happy with my new car! It's the most beautiful thing I have ever owned in my life, sad as that sounds. I got a big reaction when I bought it. "It's a girls car! It's a hair dressers car! Are you having a mid-life crisis?" haha!! I just say, It's just so me! I love it.

Book Stuff

And lasts but not least, I have had such a brilliant reaction to my newest novel, The World in Johnny's Back Garden. It all started when it was featured at a book club in a local junior school. Here is an article I wrote about it. Since then it was picked up by another teacher who wanted to use it at his school and ordered a host of paperback copies for his class. He wants to arrange for me to come in for an author visit and mentor the children in his class. On top of that a lady from the council was so overwhelmed by the story she sent it to her brother who runs a book bus tour each year on the Isle of White and said they will probably want me to go over during the tour on another author visit. I'm excited to see how this will all pan out!

Despite all the bad things that have happened this year, it has also been a year full of amazing things and some really big achievements. What an exciting year! I wonder what else it has in store for me?

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