Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The World in Johnny's Back Garden Book Club by Kurt Chambers

Being a children's author it is always exciting to get some feedback from your target audience. Unlike authors who write for adults, a children's author doesn't get to network with their audience for obvious reasons. Luckily for me, my new novel, The World in Johnny's Back Garden, is currently being reviewed by a book club at a local junior school here in England. They are year 4 children aged nine-years-old. They have reached chapter four and were asked by their teacher to write a short one-line description of what they think of the book so far and passed this on to me.

I had to share this on my site because it's just so AWESOME! I love these kids. I hope to do my first author visit to the school at some point in the future.


It's amazing and very gripping. I feel like I'm inside it!


The book makes me feel like I'm part of it a lot. I like Johnny because I also like animals.


It's really good and exciting and every time we stop I get really curious of what's going to happen next.


It's an excellent imaginative book. I feel like I am part of the book.


I think the book is excellent and it's very interesting.


I think it's a very good book because it's very interesting and a bit funny and I'm enjoying it, thank you.


I think it's brilliant. A lot about nature.

It's official, my book is a roaring success so far! This totally made my day. Thank YOU kids, you're all totally awesome! :)

The World in Johnny's Back Garden

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  1. I had no doubt, Kurt. You did an excellent job!

    1. Thank you, my dear friend <3 I was so unsure when I finished writing this, I had no idea what reaction I'd get.

  2. Wow! This is great, my friend! But, of course. Who would expect otherwise. :)