Sunday, 13 March 2016

Cover Reveal - Unknown Reality by Kurt Chambers

I am so very excited to show off to the world the new cover for my sci-fi novel, Unknown Reality. Isn't it pretty! And just so perfect for the story. The cover artist, Dawne Dominique, is just spectacular. Every cover she has created for me has been just beyond perfect. If there are any authors out there who are seeking the perfect cover for their masterpiece, I would highly recommend giving Dawne a try. You couldn't work with a lovelier person who is so good at her job.  Don't just take my word for it, check out her site for yourself. DusktilDawn Designs.

So, let me tell you a bit about my new middle grade sci-fi novel. This is an exciting time for me. I am expecting my manuscript to return from the editor in the next week or so and I have this beautiful cover. There are still a million things to do, but there is finally an end in sight. The thing I am most excited about is being able to reach out to a whole new audience. My previous two published books, Truth Teller and The Wrath of Siren, are both from a fantasy series. I will soon have a stand-alone sci-fi novel to add to my collection.

Unknown Reality Blurb

Eleven-year-old Chloe gasps in awe at the magical splendour of the theatre performance, but her excitement soon vanishes during an autograph hunt and an encounter with the baddie from the show. His unbelievable claim of a flawed universe freaks her out. This starts a chain of unexplainable events that threaten to destroy the only reality Chloe has ever known.

Then, one night, they come for her.

Claiming to be her friends, the Scientists try to persuade Chloe her life was some kind of experiment that went horribly wrong, and a computer virus left her with no memory of this alien planet. Struggling to come to terms with a world she doesn’t understand, she is kidnapped from the futuristic outstation by a clan of Savages that live out in the wilderness. When confronted by a father and brother she never knew she had, she is torn between two cultures, none of which she wishes to be part of. All she wants is return to the only family she knew; a family that never really existed.

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