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Book Review: The Bones of Others (Skye Cree, Book 1)

General Information

Publisher: Beachdevils Press
Year of publication: January 27, 2013
Number of pages: 352
Author: Vickie McKeehan

Plot summary: (blurb)

Brutalized as a young girl by a vile sexual predator, Skye Cree is a survivor. Guided by the visions of her mystical spirit guide to the whereabouts of abducted girls, she uses her unique abilities to turn her horrifying past into a positive force for justice. Fighting the demons that have haunted her for years, she trusts only in herself—until she falls hard for a man for the first time in her life. Now, discovering her abductor is back with a vengeance, she becomes locked in a deadly race against time to stop the horrors of an evil human-trafficking ring that threatens to tear her world—and her new-found love apart.

Positive points

This is by far not the kind of story that I would normally read, but as I had a copy on my Kindle I began reading during my lunch breaks and had to finish reading the whole book. Vickie has done a stunning job of creating very realistic and likeable characters. It kind of reminded me of a super-hero story with a twist. The plot is very fast paced and keeps you wanting more from the very start of the story.

I was happy to find that when it came to the really bad bits, and there are bad bits, that the author didn't linger over these parts and make the book too cringe-worthy for me to read. I'm sensitive, what can I say! But it is definitely not a read for the faint hearted if you didn't get that from the book description.

I enjoyed reading this story from the start to the finish, so hats off to the author. Great writing!

Negative points

I was brought up as an author in a novel workshop, so am quite a stickler for writing rules. This story is very well written and edited to a high standard, but there was no clear POV. This is simply a matter of personal choice and by no means a mistake, but on a few occasions when the story hopped from one character's head to another, I found myself pausing to think of who's head we were in. I'm not a strong reader so it was more noticeable to me than most people. Saying that, it certainly didn't take away any enjoyment from the story. I had to give a negative, and that is all I have.

What makes this book unique

This book had a bit of everything. It has a strong element of romance with a few cheeky scenes. It also had strong elements of fantasy. There was detective stuff and some thriller parts. It has super-heroes and heroines! All in all, something for all readers.

Overall impression

This was a great read from start to finish. Not something I would usually volunteer to read, but I'm glad I did. It is filled with great tension and fantastic characters you will love. On top of that, it is very well written. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys reading this style of book.

My rating

With nothing really negative to say about it, it has to be five stars!

Where to buy

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Meet the author

Vickie writes romantic suspense. She’s the author of fifteen books that include the Evil Secrets Trilogy, the Pelican Pointe Series and the Skye Cree novels. She’s currently working on a new trilogy set in the Florida Keys called The Indigo Brothers Trilogy. Vickie makes her home in Southern California.

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