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Book Review: The Circle of Law by Lia London

General Information

Publisher: Lia London
Year of publication: 2013
Number of chapters: 24
Number of pages: 268

Plot summary: (blurb)

A tragic journey to bury their parents plunges Marki and Isbi into the world of legends. Marki discovers that the Ancients--men and women who live for centuries and control the elements--are real! What's more, she is to take her place among them as the Governor of Death.

Now she and her sister are in a race against a power-hungry queen. The Ancients must be found and united in time to stop the annihilation of all the people who believe in them.

Positive points

This was a great action-packed story that started with action from the very beginning and continued to the last page. The characters are likeable and believable, each with their individual traits that kept the story interesting in every chapter. This is a very impressive debut novel from the author, Lia London, and will leave you wanting to read more from the extensive list of novel that she has wrote since. Nine in total if I'm not mistaken.

The story reminded me of a gang of different super-hero's set in a fantasy land from long ago. It is a YA story for ages 12-18 but will appeal to all readers who enjoy this genre.

Negative points

The story is written in many POVs (points of view) which weren't always clearly defined. This meant it lacked any deep POV from any particular character. This would have helped the reader to connect more and have a greater empathy towards the characters rather than relying on adverbs to describe how they were feeling. But saying that, this book was very well written with no grammar errors. It is just a matter of personal preference. It didn't take anything away from the enjoyment of the story.

What makes this book unique

The whole plot of the story was unique. I have not read another novel before that I can compare to this one. Ancient super-hero's take on the world.

Overall impression

I really enjoyed reading this very impressive debut novel. It had interesting characters and plenty of action to keep you turning those pages. Lia London is a talented author and I will be checking out more of her stories. Very well done, Lia :)

My rating

A very well deserved four stars!

Where to buy Circle of Law

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Meet the author

Lia London is a graduate of Western Oregon University where she studied English and Music. As a child, she lived in Scotland, and after college, she lived in Guatemala. She taught high school English, Geography and Spanish for a few years and has written many plays and musicals. The Circle of Law is her first novel, and a sequel is in the works. She now lives with her husband and two children in Oregon.

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