Thursday, 23 October 2014

Reading Quest for Young Readers

Writing Fantasy

For me as a children's author, fantasy is the only way to go. Imagine a world where anything is possible! Cool right! And it's a world that you get to create yourself. It's like playing at being God. It can be a place of magic, or somewhere dark and dangerous. You set the rules and watch your characters play out their lives in a realm of your choosing. You can be nice to them and make all their dreams come true, or be totally horrid and shatter their hopes and see them crumble. What could be better than that? Fantasy can come in many forms, from a futuristic planet setting to an ancient past and anything in between. It's very exciting! I love writing fantasy where anything is possible.

I have two fantasy titles that are published, part of a high fantasy three book series that is set in the modern day and in a fantasy realm. I hope to have the third book published soon when it has been through the stages of proofreading and then I am delving into the realms of sci-fi fantasy with my newest novel, Unknown Reality, hopefully next year. Let me tell you a bit about the first two books in my Truth Teller series.

Truth Teller

Book One:

How could a modern day girl like Charlotte ever envisage that magic really exists? Even with her own vivid imagination, the place for other realms belonged in a child’s fairy tale. Or so she thought, until she stumbled across a hidden curio shop and an even stranger shopkeeper. He gives her a gift that resembles an antique snow dome, but this is not an ordinary globe. The world Charlotte has always known disappears as she’s spirited away into a mystical land.

This is the beginning of a lifelong friendship that changes Charlotte’s life forever. Discovered by a young elf alone in the forest, she embarks on a journey in search of a group of travelling Entertainers. She encounters heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new found companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin. 

But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.

The Wrath of Siren

Book Two:

Elderfield accepts a Gateway into another realm in a desperate bid to protect the human child, Charlotte, from the Dark Druid. His good intentions go horribly wrong, threatening the destruction of all his people and condemning the Truth Teller to a life she can never escape.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting project! I don't know if my mom will give me permission to enter the giveaway. ;)

    1. haha!! Tell her I said it was okay. She loves me :D

    2. I just read that. Hahaha!! You're funny!

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