Sunday, 3 November 2013

Christmas Book Sale - The Ultimate Stocking Filler

Yes, there is no escaping it, Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you are one of these people that cringe or jump with joy at the big 'C' word, the clock is ticking and some kind of action is going to be needed at some point. I'm not going to let Santa steal the show again this year, and have come up with a great offer even he can't beat!

What would you say is the perfect stocking filler for children? (And adults who adore middle grade novels like Harry Potter.) One of the things every parent likes to do is to encourage their kids to read more, wouldn't you say? So an amazingly priced children's action-packed adventure, filled with magic and monsters with a heart-warming story about friendship and a stunning award winning cover does seem to me like the ultimate stocking filler!

I have some great news for you, that is exactly what I have on offer today. The ultimate stocking filler! To celebrate the Christmas season, I have lowered the price of my epic children's fantasy, Truth Teller, to just above the print price to make it a stocking filler price of just £4.32. ($6.99) And to make the offer as good as it can be at this expensive time of year, when you buy the paperback for your children, you get a FREE Kindle version so you can enjoy this great story on any media. Even Santa couldn't do it cheaper!

Truth Teller Blurb:

How can ten-year-old Charlotte ever envisage that magic really exists? The place for other realms belongs in a child’s fairy tale. Or so she thinks, until she discovers the strange shopkeeper and begins an adventure that changes her life forever.
Discovered alone in a far away forest, Charlotte embarks on a journey encountering heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.
But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.

Truth Teller Book Reviews:

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Book Two to the Truth Teller series, The Wrath of Siren, will be available in the New Year. Check back here soon for the cover reveal, you won't be disappointed! 

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