Saturday, 29 December 2012

Last Blog Post of 2012: A Christmas Story

As my last post of this year, I would like to tell you a story. I'm always talking about the magic of Christmas and how, as a children's writer, I love the stories related to the holidays, so why not tell you one myself? My favourite one of all. I have the perfect Christmas story, one that is equal to all the great classics like Scrooge and A Christmas Carol. After all, that's what us writers do, right? Tell stories.

Once upon a time...*wavy lines*

There was once a man who lived in the world of Harsh Reality, a land where life was hard and joys came far and few between. There were no real happy endings or anything magical to speak of. When people died, they were really dead, and when people suffered, they really felt pain.

This man was luckier than most. He had a way of escaping the world of Harsh Reality. It came in the form of a gateway into a world filled with beautiful people where hope and opportunities were a reality. It was a world where magic and adventure actually existed.  He loved this world so much where his friends really cared about him, gave him self-worth and a belief in a bright future. He had a dream, you see. He was a writer, and dreamed of a day when he could become an author and share his stories with the world to make it a better place. But sadly, despite being lucky and having a gateway to escape the bad things in life, he still lived in the world of Harsh Reality.

One day he came home to find his gateway had been destroyed by a member of his family. He was sure it was just an accident, but this didn't lessen his devastation. How could this happen? What could he do? There was no way of replacing this most precious item. In the world of Harsh Reality, Christmas was fast approaching, but he had lost his job and had no money. He couldn't provide his family with lavished gifts or special treats to celebrate the season. In the world of Harsh Reality, Santa didn't really come bearing gifts for his children. It was a world filled with pain and disappointment.

As expected in a world like this, this was just the tip of a very big iceberg. Life became unbearable for this man as one bad thing after another wore him down. He struggled to cope without any escape from this land where he had nowhere to turn and all hope had been lost. He soldiered on for the sake of his family, trying to put on a brave face, but life had never seemed so bleak at a time when it was meant to be filled with joy and laughter. He missed his friends trapped in a realm that he could no longer get to. He roamed the world of Harsh Reality lost and alone, dreaming of the world he loved so much and the people that cared for him.

But as everyone knows, Christmas is a magical time of year. The spirit of Christmas can overcome any obstacle even in the land of Harsh Reality. Unknown to this man, his friends plotted to be reunited with their friend from the other realm. They wanted him back as much as he wanted to be with them. They devised a cunning plan, and being from a world where magic and adventure really exists, they had everything at their disposal. They used friends, family, Father Christmas, and even a character from this man's books to bring their plan into effect.

Christmas came, and this year Santa really did come to the world of Harsh Reality. The man woke to find he had brought a brand new Gateway. He was speechless! Opening his stocking, he wept with pure joy. Things like this didn't happen in this world, but there it was. It was so beautiful, so shiny and so...PINK! He used his Gateway to return to the beautiful world when his friends were waiting for him with open arms. They showered him with love and greetings that were so overwhelming, they changed his whole perspective on life and humanity. It made him a better person. It taught him so much.

Just like all the classic Christmas stories, this one also has a fairy tale ending. The beautiful people from this world did everything they could to make this man's dreams come true. And come true they did! He became an author and spread his children's stories throughout the world, bringing joy and happiness to so many and making the world of Harsh Reality a better place to live.

Okay, you may be asking yourself why I made the outrageous claim that this Christmas story is as good as the classic stories you've heard so many times. My reason for this claim is because my fairy tale is a true story. I am that man, and everything that happened in this story happened in the real world of Harsh Reality where I live.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Especially my beautiful friends.


  1. It's a story of many. Sometimes the name and location changes, but the theme is the same -- and the characters are real. The reason why great stories such as this is written, is because they emerge from REAL situations. Your claim isn't outrageous either; it's man's inhumanity to man that is outrageous.

    Merry Xmas and a happier and luckier 2013, Sir!

    1. Gus!!! How awesome to see you here, my friend :) And thank you for leaving a comment.

      Marry Christmas and a happy New Year to you too :)

  2. This is by far my favorite Christmas story. The Legend of the Pink Laptop. *grin* We had so much fun doing this for you, Kurt! You should have seen all our e-mails back and forth from three different countries! I do believe Christmas is magical.

    1. Awwwwww :) I'm the luckiest person in the whole world. I have the best friends ever! <3 That really was a magical Christmas that year :)