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Our Solar System: A Poem to Teach Children by Kurt Chambers

I’m certainly no poet, but I did once write a poem with my youngest daughter, Jayde Sky Chambers, as part of her science homework. The idea was to teach children a little bit about each planet in a fun way that they could remember.

Our Solar System

The moon shines so very bright,
especially on a crisp clear night.
The Sun is big and very hot,
and also covered in little spots.

Mercury is indeed quite small,
against the Sun it's a tiny ball.
Venus is cloudy like a rainy day,
but much too hot to go out and play.

The Earth is blue and warm and nice,
and this is where I spend my life.
Mars is next and oh so red,
but there's no life, it's completely dead.

Jupiter is the biggest of them all,
but it's just a giant gas ball.
Saturn looks cool with its enormous ring,
It's the solar systems ultimate bling-bling.

Uranus always gets a laugh,
but it really isn't quite that daft.
Neptune is next upon the list,
with its almost invisible disc.

Now we've come so very far,
from our friendly yellow star,
we come to Pluto which some do say,
is not a planet anyway.

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Dark Heirloom by J.D. Brown - Free Give Away Tour!

It is my greatest pleasure to host an amazing author and wonderful lady, J.D. Brown. She has just released her debut novel, Dark Heirloom, and is giving every reader a chance to win a free copy!

Yes, I said FREE! So, let me hand you over to the lady herself. I give you, the wonderful, the amazing, J.D. Brown! Take it away, girl.

I’m going to tell you a fact; history is important.

I didn’t always think it was. In high school, I thought it was one of the most boring subjects of all, right up there with trigonometry. Really, what was the point of remembering dates and battles and names of people who’d been dead for a hundred years?

But the fact is history shapes the world. And our personal history shapes who we are, how we view ourselves and the people around us. It’s why we make the choices that we do.

Just look at the word. History. His-story.

Everyone has a story. Some people blab it to the world non-stop. Other people twist and re-shape it, then paint it on a canvas or write a rap about it. And some people carry it around like a burden on their shoulders.

Before I sat down to write Dark Heirloom, I did some heavy research into European history. The civilized world has a complex past, but it’s also flawed. There are loopholes everywhere. There is an abundance of gray area ripe for rebuttal and conspiracy. Not that I doubt my good history professors who tried so hard to make their lectures fun. But you have to admit, that type of thinking space is an idea breeding ground for writers and story tellers.

I wanted to tell a vampire story where the vampires were to blame for all of mankind’s failures as well as all their successes.

And it was really, very easy to do. Because that is exactly how things work in nature every day. In biology, the success rate of a species of prey is directly proportional to the success rate of a species of predators. If wolves flourish, deer prosper. If wolves die out, the deer suffer starvation.

Vampires prey on humans. Vampires are mankind’s natural enemy. That makes man’s survival hang in the delicate balance of the vampires’ survival.

It’s a good thing vampires like to survive. But how long can they live on their “vegetarian” diet and stay hidden before the humans start to metaphorically starve? Natural will call for balance.

With all the loopholes in our history, it was easy to cram my vampire world into the gapes. Factor in a personal history for each character and voila! A paranormal alternative was born.

In the following excerpt from Dark Heirloom, the main character, Ema Marx, and another female vampire character named Leena, chat about some of that alternative past:

I tried to keep my mind clear but I had too much space to ponder. I wondered if Leena could control her ability. Could she choose to read a specific person’s mind or did she hear everyone’s inner thoughts all the time? Leena said Jalmari had shut her away from his mind. How was he able to turn her ability off?

Leena glowered. I shrugged and kept walking. “I’m sorry. I can’t help being curious.”

She spoke through clenched teeth. “I have to remind myself that people don’t speak their mind out of politeness.”

“You don’t like talking about it.” I stated the obvious.

“It has been a difficult journey.”

“Your father thought you could speak to the gods. That must have been something.”

Leena nodded. “My father convinced the city of Athens that I had been given a gift from the gods. Back then, a gift from the gods made you a little bit more than human and people started to believe I was a demigoddess.”

“Are you?” Hey, there are vampires, why not goddesses?

Leena shrugged. “Nothing seems to constitute as godly anymore. I would simply be a telepath. My struggles came when I met Jalmari.”

I nodded, understanding all too the well the difficulties of becoming a vampire. I felt sympathetic for Leena. She had a bright future ahead of her before Jalmari took it away.

“Do not blame him,” Leena warned. “I knew what he was and I still loved him. I wanted him to turn me. I wanted to be with him always. I could not stand the thought of growing old and dying so soon before him.”

That was something I hadn’t considered. “You gave up everything, though.”

Leena snorted a laugh. “Hardly. The world was so different then. It was easy for vampires to call themselves gods and demigods and live in temples. It made life very convenient for us.”

My eyes grew wide. “Why would anyone worship a vampire?”

She laughed. “Why not? Humans didn’t know the difference back then. The pre-Christian world worshiped pagan gods. Some of those gods represented death, darkness, destruction. Vampires fit in with those aspects. And with our powers who would dare to question our authority?”

“So you could walk into any Greek city, claim you’re a god, and demand they build you a temple and worship you?”

“To put it simply, yes.”

I rolled my eyes. “That explains why the ancient gods demanded human and animal sacrifices.”

Leena giggled. “Why, yes, that is exactly why.”

Gosh. First Jack the Ripper, then the Holocaust, and now Greek gods. Was there any part of human history that wasn’t laced with vampirism?

“Not really,” Leena answered my mental question.

“So what happened? Why did humans stop worshiping them?”

Leena wrinkled her nose in disgust. “The Crusades.”

* * * *


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* * * *


An Ema Marx Novel 1

By J.D. Brown

“You’re a vampire” is so not what Ema Marx wants to hear when she wakes from a two-day coma in a cryptic yet exquisite castle in northern Finland. Unfortunately, it explains a lot. Like why she’s able to see in the dark and walk through solid objects. What she doesn’t understand is why the other vampires expect her to have all the answers. It’s their fault she turned into one of them…right?

Jalmari’s hatred for his old-man intensifies when he’s ordered to bring that troublesome girl to their castle. He has a clan to run, there’s no time for babysitting newborn vampires no matter how they were converted to their culture. But when a two-thousand-year-old premonition threatens to take the crown and his life, Jalmari sees no other choice than to take out the catalyst. Ema Marx. Fortunately for Ema, she could also be the clan’s only savior.

The race to figure out her vampiric origins is on. And maybe she’ll get the hang of the blood-drinking gig along the way…

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Writing Advice: How to Show Emotions in Your Writing

Here is a list I compiled with the help of my friends that I use to help me express emotions when I'm writing. If you have the same habit as me of telling the reader instead of showing, then this list may be of some help to you. I have posted my list here to benefit anyone who finds it useful. I use this all the time when I'm writing, and it has proved to be very popular on, so I thought it was time to share it with the blogging world. Please feel free to copy this and print it out if you find it useful.

The List...


Facial expression...

mouth curve upward
upward curl
features lightened
eyes crinkle - crow's-feet
brows lifted
wrinkled forehead
lip corners stretch sideward
lips drew backward
eyes sparkled
face lit up
teeth flash
eyes dance
eyes: shine, glitter, glisten, flash, flicker, twinkle, glint, shimmer
cheeks burn rosy
crooked smile
little breath
face brightened
face flushed


dancing about/spin around
clapping hands
body relaxed
deep breaths
threw head back
jumping with joy
clutching/rubbing hands together
threw out arms
punch air
run around
throwing things in air
shoulders lifted
squeezes self
pinches self
tension eased from muscles



Facial expression...

tearing eyes
tears swelled in eyes
blinking away tears
glance downward
lips bowed
contorted features/face
mouth opened
close eyes
lower jaw/lip quivered
nose tiptilted
face dropped
lowered eyelids
wrinkled forehead
deep sigh
heart heavy
heave a sigh
mournful eyes
downward turned lips


drooping shoulders
press temples
shake head
sunken chest
limp body
wave hand (dismissive?)
hold head
sagging limbs
curl up
suck thumb
cover mouth
cup chin in hand
racking sobs
wipe away tears
rub sore nose
shove hands in pockets



Facial expression...

face flushed
eyes widened
eyelids/eyebrows lifted
heart raced
head rushing
mouth opened
jaw dropped/gaping
pupils narrowed
brows lifted
wrinkled forehead
teeth chatter
face paled
blood drained from face
Colour drained from skin
teeth on edge
eyes white with fear
eyes rolling
whispered prayers or curses
voice broke


drawing back
raising arms
cover/hide face
knees folded
palms folded
curl in a ball
fettle position
clench fists
uncontrollable spasm tremble/shake
head wobbled
knees give way
neck hairs raise
pass wind (Lesley's suggestion)
wet yourself (Jayde's suggestion)
chill bumps on skin
hair standing on end
clutches self
clammy skin
cold sweat



Facial expression...

intense stare
flared nostrils
eyes narrowed
eyebrows draw together
eyelids drew together
flushed cheeks
blushing deep red
wrinkled nose
neck reddened
lips thinned
jaw line pulsed
jaw muscles twitched/trembled
throbbing veins
grind teeth
clench jaw
rigid throat
bite down/finger
draw breath/inhale
face tightened
face burning
harder voice
smile: curved, warped, twisted


aggressive stance
clench/wave fist
trembling hands
stiffened/tighten muscles
shaking arms upward
punch air
stamp foot
sharp footsteps
thumping fist
lashing out/throwing
dropping to knees
cry out
lash out
bunch fists
curl fists
hammer at
tap foot/fold arms
pull own hair
strangle on a scream



Facial expression...

blank expression
eyebrows lowered/drew together
gaze downward
eyes narrowed
tongue protruding
biting tongue
mouth opened
lips to one side
squeeze lips together
pursed lips
screw up face in thought
cock one eye up
slatted eyes
lift of chin
puckered/wrinkled/knit brow


shaking/scratch head
tilted head
rub back of neck
focused/precise movements
finger to chin/mouth
pull head back
lean backwards
blank stare
shrug shoulders
hand over mouth
rub face
hand on head
hold out palms
cock head
hands on hips
tap foot
hunker down



Facial expression...

jaw dropped/gapped
eyes widened
pupils narrowed
eyelids raised
brows lifted
nose/nostrils flared
face flushed
tongue protruding
fluttering eyelashes
flickering eyebrows
wrinkled forehead
sharp intake of breath
jaw tensed
brows fly up on head
open mouth
cried out


step/draw backwards
put hands to mouth
raise arms
grasp cheeks
hold hands to chest
cover mouth
bite together/finger(s)
clasps hands before chin
slaps own face with one or both hands



Facial expression...

eyes widened
lips curled
cheeks lifted
red face/neck
pant deep/short breath
dancing eyes
eyes over-bright
tongue flicks over lips
heart quickened
tingling on skin


dancing about
clapping/rubbing hands
clutching head/hands together
jumping around
cover face
punching air
bobbing up and down
slapping thigh
shaking fists
biting finger/grit teeth
running on spot
reach into the air
wringing their hands
bounces on toes
rocks on heels
feels faint
holds breath



Facial expression...

face contract in a grimacing smile
face crumpled
veins bulging
grit teeth
closed eyes
eyes glazed
eyes watered
flared nostrils
reddened face/features
bite lip
neck widened
licks parched lips
cries out
tosses head from side to side
ragged breath
face clenched


muscles tightened
involuntary spasm
arched back
clenched fists

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Discovered alone in a far away forest, Charlotte embarks on a journey encountering heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.
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