Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Writer’s Journal -- Kurt Chambers

Sometimes it seems like becoming a writer wasn’t the best idea I ever had in my life. On other days, I realise I really didn’t have much choice in the matter in order to keep my sanity. To be a good novelist and connect with a reader, you need to open up your very soul and explore your deepest emotions, things you would normally keep suppressed. It is amazingly emotionally draining, yet somehow quite therapeutic. With the endless roller coaster of ups and downs, you have to be made of pretty solid stuff in order to succeed. Either that or be a little wrong in the head. I have to say, though, I admire any author that has been through this trial and made it to where they want to be.

There are many things I enjoy about writing. I’m a fantasy writer, so creating stories about worlds beyond our own, rich with characters that, without me, would not have even existed, is my favourite part. It’s like being God. You create a world and all the living things that inhabit this world, and watch them evolve and grow, live and die. You steer their lives through exciting adventures and have the final say on their destiny. What could be more exciting than that? Creation is a wonderful thing.

Another plus side of being a writer is the friendship. There is a whole world out there full of other writers all experiencing the same thing as me. The writing community is a wonderful thing, and without it, this journey would have been almost impossible for me. I can’t even imagine how all the classic authors from times gone by managed without the support that is readily available today.

There are also many things I dislike about writing. Rejection has got to be top of the list. Only someone who has written a whole novel can understand just how much work goes into it; years and years of work, from writing it to bringing it up to a publishable standard. The thousands of hours involved in learning how the publishing industry works, query and synopsis writing. Then you reach the submission process with expectations of great things to come for all your devotion, only to discover that every publisher in the world hates your book. That’s not actually correct, but it seems like that from the perspective of the author when you first reach the rejection stage. Then comes the paranoia. Have I been wasting my time? Have I got what it takes to be an author? Were all my friends lying to me when they said my book was great?

Is there a happy ending to this little story? Well, my journey through this little adventure is far from over. I still have many more trials to face before I get to the point where I can say, THE END. But I can tell you something, I’m not about to put this story down never to pick it up again. Like a good book, I want to see it through to the end, because I just have to know how it will finish.

And there is a happy end to this story...

Some years on from this post I have a collection of published sci-fi and fantasy novels that made it into the world and are available in all major book retailers. See! Anything is possible!

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