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Helping Fellow Authors -- Anastasia V. Pergakis

As a proud member of the writing community, I have to say, it always amazes me just how awesome this community really is. People from all over the world who are willing to put themselves out to offer their help so that you can reach your goal in life. The are literally making your dreams come true. And what do they ask in return? Nothing! They are just glad to help a fellow writer. Nothing short of AMAZING! I have met so many people like this on my journey through the writing world, but one such person really springs to mind when I talk about this subject. A wonderful person, an amazing friend, and a lady who has always blown me away with her kindness and willingness to help anyone who needs her help. The wonderful fantasy author, Anastasia V. Pergakis.

Now Anastasia needs your help! I urge anyone out there who feels the same way about me about our wonderful writing community to come and help make Anastasia's dream come true. There is no one I know who is more deserving. Send her an email, visit her site. Get to know this great writer, she would truly appreciate your support in any way possible. Spread the word, tell your friends. You could even offer to post this on your own blog if you would be so generous. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

My debut novel, CLEANSE FIRE, is complete! All that’s left to do is publish it – and that’s where I need your help. The release date is set for December 21, 2011!

Before I tell you about the story itself, I want to share with you the original idea of where this story came from. My Dad served in the US Army for twenty years. As a writer, I had the urge to write a story about him, telling the world about his dedication to this country. When I began writing the book however, I realized that I could never do justice to him, or any soldier for that matter.

So, I resorted to my passion – fantasy. Now, while the story as it exists now is completely fictional, the characters and story line are all in dedication to my Dad and all soldiers who have served, are serving, and will serve in the military. It is my hope that, even though in fantasy form, the story of a soldier’s sacrifice and dedication to their country still shines through.

With all that in mind, when the book is published, a portion of the sales will be given to the Wounded Warrior Project.

And now, let me tell you about CLEANSE
FIRE, book one of the Kinir Elite Chronicles! Simply put, the Kinir Elite are like a special forces unit, such as Delta Force - but with elves! A few of my readers also told me they thought of the team like SWAT.

So imagine, the movies SWAT and The Lord of the Rings together!


Complete the mission, no matter what…
Captain Derac Vidor has served Kinir for nearly twenty years. It’s his life, his blood, his soul. And then his Commander betrays everything Derac holds dear. Now he has to focus on his own life and his team instead of saving the citizens of Kinir.

Treason is only the beginning…
Fueled by rage, the team chases the source to their Commander’s betrayal – a powerful wizard bent on revenge. The wizard seeks to destroy the Kinir Elite, in both mind and body. No place is safe, even among their allies.

The past holds the key…
Derac’s tragic past may be the key to saving the team. But can he face the gruesome nightmare in time?


As a proud Army Brat, this book, the donations that will come from it, is just my way to say thank you, to all soldiers who serve their country with bravery and dedication. I was lucky that my Dad was not killed from his service, and he still lives to this day. But there are so many that come home severely wounded, or even not at all. I want my book, even though it’s fantasy, to tell soldiers that their sacrifice means something, that we know how important it is, and that we are eternally grateful.

Your contribution gets me closer to my goal, to my dream of helping soldiers, thanking them, and caring for them. They took care of us and now we need to take care of them.

A giant thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To see a video with me explaining more about this project, please visit the project page on Kickstarter at:

You can learn more about the book and the rest of the series at my website: The team does the blogging there! Also check out the facebook page,

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  1. *sniffle* Thanks Kurt for your support. You're a great friend. Love you!

  2. You deserve it and more!!! (((hug)))

    Please Tweet this and post this on Facebook everyone. We really appreciate any support you can offer a fellow writer. Thank you so much!

  3. I second everything Curt said. Anastasia is close friend of mine and this lady is AMAZING! She always goes out of her to help me and other authors. She deserves to have her book published. But we all know how hard that can be sometimes. So lets help her out. Ana has a heart of gold and she's a brilliant writer. She shouldn't have to struggle they way she is, so lets help her!

  4. Awww you two are going to make me cry! So sweet. I love you both SOO much! Your love and support is what keeps me going. Seriously!

  5. Thank you, Jennifer :) We all want to see Anastasia succeed, and this is such a worthy cause.

  6. Cleanse Fire is fantastic! And what Anastasia is doing for the Wounded Warrior Project is wonderful. She's worked so hard at this and her dedication to writing and the soldiers is commendable. Be a part of it. Pass the word!

    You go girl!

  7. Thanks Charlene! I love you babes! *sniffle*

  8. Thanks for visiting, Charlene :)

  9. Awesome project! I'll see what I can do. And Kurt is right, the writing community is awesome for that, helping each other without asking anything in return. It's like a mini-version of an ideal world, isn't it? ;)