Sunday, 13 March 2011

Time--Kurt Chambers

Have I got enough time to get a book published? I sometimes wonder if this is the case. I can understand why there are so many writers out there that have dreamed of writing a novel and getting it published only to have these dreams dashed when it came to putting this into practice. You can spend years forging a whole novel. That's a lot of sweat and tears. I never realised just how emotionally draining it is to complete a whole novel until I wrote one myself. For those who have never tried it, let me assure you, it takes everything you have!

I spent almost two years writing every day to complete my first book. The feeling you get when you write THE END is amazing! I just wrote a book! Me! A whole book! the time you are creating this masterpiece, you dream of great things. If you are like me and knew nothing of the publishing industry while doing this, and I'm sure there are many authors that are, you are in for a BIG shock! I joined a forum where I took my baby and had it ripped apart by a group of some of the most amazing people I've ever met. They started throwing all these rules at me, rules, rules, RULES! Man! Not only had I spent two years of my life creating this masterpiece, but now I had all this stuff I had to learn and apply to my story before a publisher would even look at my work seriously. Not only that, but then I had to master how to write a query and a synopsis.

Still brimming with enthusiasm, I began to make all the mistakes that so many of us do. Convinced my novel was going to be the next big thing, I sent out blanket submissions before my manuscript was even ready to send, and wept as I received blanket rejections. I would have given up on my dreams like so many other writers have done before me if it hadn't have been for all the love and support I had from all my friends in the YA Novel Workshop. They really are the most awesome people in the whole world. But I didn't give up! I spent the next five years learning all these rules while helping to mentor other authors to reach their goals. It's been an amazing journey.

The excitement of becoming a published author has never left me, despite everything that has been put in my way. On many occasions, it seemed like an impossible task. I've wanted to throw in the towel so many times and just accept it just won't happen. It's too hard! I can't take any more rejection and criticism of my work. But I just HAD to share my story with the world. I never lost my belief in my book. It really is a wonderful story. With so much wonderful support, I still battle on. I listened to advice and continued to write. I finished my Truth Teller trilogy only to find out it wasn't what the market was looking for at the time. Another massive set back. I needed a new plan, plan B. This came in the form of a whole new novel that would appeal to the market. This new book, Unknown Reality, took me another year to write.

Have I got enough time to get a book published? I'm seven years in from when I decided I wanted to write a book and get it published. I have four complete novels and I still haven't been offered a contract or even been asked for a full yet. But this doesn't mean I won't. When I set out on this venture I never imagined in a million years it could be this hard. In hindsight, maybe if I did, I might have just forgotten the whole idea. Who knows? But you have to have something to go for in life. It's what makes life worth living. This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole life, without exception, but I will succeed. I know that now.

I have a massive admiration for everyone that desires to take this same road as I did. Writing a novel and getting it published is no easy task. It's not something that is going to happen over night, it's a long, long journey filled with set backs and rejection and heartache. But it's a journey I'm glad I took. I will never give up on my dream and one day I will make it become a reality. I hope all those other aspiring authors out there do too. Good luck to you all.

Since i wrote this post my dream did indeed become a reality...

Truth Teller is now available from here:

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Truth Teller Reviews:

Dawne Dominique - Multi-published author and professional cover artist.
The Truth Teller is one of the best children's fantasy book I've read in a long while. Charlotte is so easy to picture in my mind, and the fantasy aspects are brilliant! There are underlying currents of "real life lessons" that are subtly included...ideal for parents looking for that perfect bedtime story to read to their children. I loved the entire premise of the novel and will definitely be purchasing the next ones in this series.
Kurt Chambers has captured the genre with a wonderful story that will delight many a child's (and adult's) imagination.

Annie McMahon - Editor, published author and Novel Workshop moderator.
This book has everything a bestseller should have: compelling story, endearing characters, vivid descriptions, genuine emotions, and a lot of surprising twists and turns. This is a story about a friendship that transcends race, gender, age, and even realms, between Charlotte, a ten-year-old girl, and Elderfield, a teenage elf. Beautiful and heartwarming. I strongly recommend it and have reviewed Kurt’s story on my blog, Dutch Hill News.

Ralene Burke – Writer, Editor for Wives in Bloom:
Honestly, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read these books. Kurt has written an amazing series that emphasizes such wonderful themes as friendship, family, hope, and faith. I’ve read Truth Teller and Wrath of Siren and, even though they are MG, enjoyed them immensely. If you’re looking for wholesome reads for your children, check out the next big thing for MG.


  1. Beautiful post, Kurt. And I will be there to (virtually) celebrate with you when the big day comes at last!

    For now, we'll drink the champagne anyway and find something else to toast while we're waiting. ;)


  2. Awww, thanks Cyndi :) To future success for both of us. Cheers! *clink of glasses*

  3. I'm with you. When I wrote my first book, I was absolutely certain I could just send it off and get it published (I was only 19 then, but still...). Big shock to discover how hard it all is. Only now, re-writing book #5 for the third time, am I beginning to feel like I'm getting there.

    Good luck!

  4. Yeah, you have what it takes, Kate :) no worries on that score. As the title says, it's just a matter of 'Time' :D

  5. Yup! It does take time to get a book published. If we knew ahead of time what was involved, we'd probably never have started writing in the first place. But the good thing is, we're in good company. I think that's what brings writers together, we're all going through basically the same things. We can connect easily based on that, regardless of our differences.

  6. That is very true, Annie. It's not something you could do on your own. Imagine that! The writing community rocks! :)

  7. We are on the journey together Kurt, and your dream will come true:-) It just takes time.

  8. Awwww, thank you, Tania :) <3

  9. Good luck in your publishing journey, Kurt.

  10. Thank you so much, Dear Editor! I love your site, by the way. :)