Friday, 5 November 2010

Support--Kurt Chambers

It's Friday, the weekend is looming and time for me to write another blog. I injured myself at work and am housebound at the moment, so I haven't really got any excuse not to. The only trouble is, what should I blog about? Right now I'm taking a short break from everything. I have just finished a novel, I'm not entering this month's NaNoWriMo, and I've put my newest novel on hold for a while so I can get some plot notes that I'm satisfied with. There is plenty for me to do. I need to write a synopsis and a query letter for Unknown Reality, but just the thought of doing it makes me know what I'm saying!

Okay, pick a subject, Kurt. *spins a bottle* Mmmm...It's landed on support. This is something I have been talking about with my good friend Annie this week. In the years I have spent in the Young Adult Novel Workshop, I have had the constant support of many amazing friends. In fact, I've never met so many amazing people in all my life than I have since I joined the writing community. They come in all shapes and sizes with many different backgrounds, and from lots of different parts of the world. Some are very young, and others are quite old (like me! :D) but they all have one thing in common. Well, two actually; a love for creating works of art in their writing, but the one I'm thinking about is the amazing support they give each other, not only in the realms of writing, but also in real life. I often wonder why this phenomenon happens with writers. Have any of you got any theories? Please share them with me, I would be interested in hearing them.


  1. I've often pondered that question myself. Perhaps it's the mental (not to be confused with crazy!) anguish we go through? I don't know ...

    But, like you said, there is an extraordinary support system out there. Much more than the real world sadly.

    Changing the topic somewhat - what on earth have you gone and done to yourself this time, Kurt??

  2. Hi Wendy :)

    I found there are so many writers who suffered anguish and turned to writing. You could be onto something there. It was one of the first things I noticed when I joined the writing community.

    haha!! I hurt my back at work, lifting boxes of floor tiles. I think it's an age thing :D

  3. The writing community is great. Sometimes I enjoy the community more than the writing, to be honest. Ha! It's certainly easier to tweet and be encouraging to another person than it is to get the words to line up correctly on the page.

    Sorry to hear you've hurt yourself, my friend. Lay low and take it easy. Do some blog hopping and leave great comments (as you are prone to do).


  4. I think it's because we all basically go through the same things as writers. We know what it's like to have self doubts or to feel down because of a rejection, so we offer our support to those in that situation almost automatically. And once this common base is established, we naturally extend our support to other life situations.

    Or maybe it's just because we're cool. :D

    I agree with you, I love the writing world in general. I don't know how writers long ago managed without an online community.

  5. I think it's because we all have a mutual understanding of each other. Like Annie said, we all go through the same things as writers, regardless of what genre we write in. We all struggle with rejection, writing those dreaded queries and synopsis, and getting stuck in the middle of an MS. Non-writers just don't understand the emotional turmoil that does to a person!

    So - we band together. Psychologists say that it's our basic instinct to attract people who are like minded. So what's better for a writer than another writer?!

    I do hope you feel better soon and it was great talking to you today!

  6. Cyndi!!! How good to hear from you, girl :)

    I totally agree, I spend way too much time chatting when I should be's all part of the fun :)

    Okay mate, I take the hint haha!! I will see what I can do :)

  7. Annie, I like your second theory. We're just so cool :D But you're right on the first one too. I was given SO much help from people that were, in reality, complete strangers, yet they spent so many hours of their time to help me. It was nothing less than amazing to me. How could I not follow in their footsteps?

  8. Wise words, Anastasia, from someone who has obviously been on the writer's roller coaster :) It is quite amazing how much emotional turmoil it is. I could have never understood what that meant until I experienced it myself.

    It was fun chatting yesterday :) See, I wasn't lying, I chat way too much haha!! We so have to do it again. Just give me a shout if you see me online and you want to chew things over :)

  9. Great question captain. I agree with the above statements. The amount of help available amazes me. It instills a sense of faith in people again, given that most of us these days are far too selfish. Thank you everyone for your support and faith and friendship. xo Louisa

  10. Absolutely, Louisa! I couldn't agree with you more. My faith in people was restored. There's hope for all of us :)

  11. Hi, Kurt! Thank you for visiting me over at Anastasia's blog, It was nice to hear your view point on rules. They are frustrating to a certain point. I'm sorry to hear that about your friend. :(

    I feel that every writer knows how it feels to be a writer. From A to Z. The good, the bad and the unpretties. ;) We suffer too much from isolation as it is while we are writing.

    One time I spent a week at a condo with my writerly pal for a week. Do you know how quiet it was for the entire time?

    I didn't want to take a break to eat at all! Neither did she, but we had to. That was the only time we talked, was during our mealtimes. Now, add in that but not being in the same room? We live everywhere, and it is just as lonely. But we realize this and we are all birds of a feather.

    I really love my writerly friends, they are automatically adopted into my clan. Male or female, I don't care!

    Great post!!!

    ~Elizabeth :)

  12. Hi Elizabeth :)

    Thank you SO much for visiting my humble blog, I'm always so chuffed to see new faces in here.

    haha!! That is so funny! I can imagine that, sitting in different rooms :D Shhhhh! Your keyboard is so loud! LOL

    Awwww, am I in your clan now? Awesomeness! :)