Saturday, 20 November 2010

My Two Best Friends--Kurt Chambers

I have two of the most awesome best friends in the whole wide world. They’re called, Charlie and Chloe. Charlie is two and a half years old and Chloe is one and a half, and they are my grandchildren. They bring so much joy to my life I can’t even put it into words.

I only see them once a week at the moment as I have to work, but I think about them every single day. They are the two most beautiful people ever, though I’m sure their mum wouldn’t agree. We have this special connection, we totally get each other. Probably because we are on the same mental wave length…lol…They look at me like I am some kind of superhero, and think I’m the best person that ever lived, it’s the sweetest thing in the world. They ask for me all week, and when they come around my house on a Saturday, like today, they chant my name on the way here, “Granddad, granddad, granddad!” :D They burst through the door and jump with joy when they greet me. Nobody has ever been so excited to see me in my whole life, and I’m just as excited to see them. And then we hug. It’s the best thing ever.

We spend the afternoon playing, eating, drinking, laughing, dancing and talking. They show me all the new things they’ve learned since we last met, and I teach them new stuff. When we’re together, nothing else matters in the world. I never thought I could love anyone as much as my own children, but I love them so much with every part of me. They make my life worth living. They are the two best friends I’ve ever had.

Truth Teller Reviews:

Dawne Dominique - Multi-published author and professional cover artist.
The Truth Teller is one of the best children's fantasy book I've read in a long while. Charlotte is so easy to picture in my mind, and the fantasy aspects are brilliant! There are underlying currents of "real life lessons" that are subtly included...ideal for parents looking for that perfect bedtime story to read to their children. I loved the entire premise of the novel and will definitely be purchasing the next ones in this series.
Kurt Chambers has captured the genre with a wonderful story that will delight many a child's (and adult's) imagination.

Annie McMahon - Editor, published author and Novel Workshop moderator.
This book has everything a bestseller should have: compelling story, endearing characters, vivid descriptions, genuine emotions, and a lot of surprising twists and turns. This is a story about a friendship that transcends race, gender, age, and even realms, between Charlotte, a ten-year-old girl, and Elderfield, a teenage elf. Beautiful and heartwarming. I strongly recommend it and have reviewed Kurt’s story on my blog, Dutch Hill News.

Ralene Burke – Writer, Editor for Wives in Bloom:
Honestly, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read these books. Kurt has written an amazing series that emphasizes such wonderful themes as friendship, family, hope, and faith. I’ve read Truth Teller and Wrath of Siren and, even though they are MG, enjoyed them immensely. If you’re looking for wholesome reads for your children, check out the next big thing for MG.


  1. This is so sweet Kurt! And they are positively adorable!!! It's great that you get to spend any time with them. My family lives far away from us, so my son hasn't met his grandparents at all. We are planning a trip soon to see them, but it's not the same.

    Thanks for sharing them with us for a little minute! They are so cute!

  2. Thank you, Anastasia :) Charlie lived with me for the first year of his life, so we're very close. Aren't they beautiful *beams with pride*

    Aww, that's a real shame, mate :( That must be hard. They are missing out on so much, your son as well as your parents.

  3. Aww. You're just a big ol' softie!
    But I must admit - those are the two cutest little cherubic sweeties I've ever seen.

  4. hahaha!! Yeah, I know :)

    Thank you, Laura.

  5. Awwwww... :) They are so adorable on that picture! I've heard people love their grandchildren even more than their own kids. It must be true!

    You're lucky you get to see them every week. My parents see my kids a few times a year, at most. And they're lucky they have you so close by.

  6. Thanks Annie :) I am a very lucky boy :D

  7. Just saw my father off after a week's visit, and reading your post brought tears to my eyes. He's that kind of dad - and granddad - even now. Thanks for sharing your beautiful connection.

  8. What little darlings! Too cute :)

    Do they take after their granddad? :)

  9. Aww, Dana, I'm sorry. I hope you get to see him again real soon. He sounds awesome :)

  10. Hi Wendy :)

    haha!! Well, of course :D

    Good to see you here, my friend.

  11. Kurt, your heart is so large and sensitive (and no, you're not GAY, silly), but I sure do wish I had a grand-dad like you growing up. Sure there are days when I know you just want to give up, throw down the gauntlet and let loose, and a hundred other things that wouldn't do you much good, but your grandchildren, they bring out the very best in you because they're a part of you...all the very best in you.

    On our road through life, we have our own children, but our grandchildren, they're our special gifts for the work we did raising our own. We seem to have more patience and understanding, and for some strange reason, we can be kids ourselves around them. We don't always have to the "adult" as we were with our children.

    When times get hard and dark, just thinking of them can make you smile, seeing them on the weekend can make you forget the previous horrid week. They're magic, aren't they? You've given the very best of yourself to them.

    Things have a way of working out, somehow, someway.

    By the way, that picture is just adorable!

  12. Hi Dawne :)

    How great to see you. That is such an awesome way to look at them, 'special gifts' :) Well earned as well :D

    Thanks for your kind words (((hugs)))