Friday, 5 November 2010

Making Up Theories-Kurt Chambers

OMG! Scientists are so stupid sometimes! A large majority of the known universe is made up of something called Dark Matter. They don't know what it is, *snigger* Why don't scientists just apply a little common sense to their theories. They can't see this stuff and they don't know what it's made out of. Der! Let me enlighten you...

Nothing in this universe travels faster than the speed of light, so they think. In fact, if you work it out mathematically, as Einstein did, if you do travel faster than the speed of light you will actually travel backwards in time. Dark Matter is material that is travelling faster than the speed of light, and this is the reason why you can't see it, and can't detect what it's made out of, because it's moving away from us in time. That's what you get for being so narrow minded and ASSUMING everything in this universe travels on the same parallel time line. If some muppet gets a Nobel prize for discovering this sometime in the future, remember, you heard it here first! :D

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  1. Oh Kurt, I just love you. Where did you gain this knowledge about Dark Matter ay? I suppose you are just so awesome, this is one of those thing you just know because you're you right?

  2. haha!! Would you believe me if I told you it just came to me today when I was sitting in my living room talking about something I don't even remember? LOL Like a lightbulb going off in my head. Well, it could have been a firework as it's firework night here in England :D

  3. But what is it made of? And why is it travelling so fast??

  4. Sounds like a good premise for a SF novel to me. I'll be waiting for it, Kurt.

  5. Annie, I can't solve all the universal mysteries in one blog! You're pushy :D

    haha!! Who knows, Laura :)