Friday, 2 July 2010

Tornado--Kurt Chambers

As a blog this week, I thought I would tell you one of my stories. You know how much I like telling is from a blog I posted on The Crew where I'm a guest author.

I was working in London, doing window repairs on the old buildings there. In London the houses are like 3-5 stories high and most of them are split into flats. This makes getting access to the backs of the buildings hard, so we normally went to the top of the scaffolding, climbed over the roof, like Mary climbed down the back scaffold. On this day, I had to climb over with a metal ladder so I could climb down. I was working on this window, it was bright and sunny. All of a sudden it went dark, in seconds, and it started raining. Then there was a massive crack of lightening from out of nowhere. I'm standing on a metal ladder, on a metal'm out of there. I climbed back on the roof and ran over the top to get to the front scaffold. I should have looked up at the time! I got to the floor and jumped in the van. Everyone else stood under the scaffold for shelter, making comments when they saw me running. I made a rude you do, and got in the van and made a tea.

As quick as this sudden storm came, it vanished, and the sun came out. When I stepped out of the van, it was like there had been a war! There were hundreds of car alarms and shop alarms going off all around us, and sirens from fire engines. My first thought was there had been another terrorist bomb go off. I was working there when the last lot went off. I got back in the van and the painter came over to me. We talked about what might have happened and he went off. Mick got in the van and suggested we turned on the radio to find out. We couldn't believe what we heard. A tornado had ripped through London and destroyed 20 houses. It had hit just one mile away from where we sat. If I had looked up when I was running over the roof, I would have seen'm gutted! I would have taken a picture with my mobile phone and it would have been worth a fortune haha!!

I'm either incredibly lucky, or incredibly unlucky to have been standing on the apex of a roof in the middle of London when a tornado mile in my direction and I would have been history! Just for those that don't know, apparently, we don't get tornadoes here in the UK :S and especially not in out capital city. Well, only when I'm there standing on a

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Truth Teller Reviews:

Dawne Dominique - Multi-published author and professional cover artist.
The Truth Teller is one of the best children's fantasy book I've read in a long while. Charlotte is so easy to picture in my mind, and the fantasy aspects are brilliant! There are underlying currents of "real life lessons" that are subtly included...ideal for parents looking for that perfect bedtime story to read to their children. I loved the entire premise of the novel and will definitely be purchasing the next ones in this series.
Kurt Chambers has captured the genre with a wonderful story that will delight many a child's (and adult's) imagination.

Annie McMahon - Editor, published author and Novel Workshop moderator.
This book has everything a bestseller should have: compelling story, endearing characters, vivid descriptions, genuine emotions, and a lot of surprising twists and turns. This is a story about a friendship that transcends race, gender, age, and even realms, between Charlotte, a ten-year-old girl, and Elderfield, a teenage elf. Beautiful and heartwarming. I strongly recommend it and have reviewed Kurt’s story on my blog, Dutch Hill News.

Ralene Burke – Writer, Editor for Wives in Bloom:
Honestly, I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to read these books. Kurt has written an amazing series that emphasizes such wonderful themes as friendship, family, hope, and faith. I’ve read Truth Teller and Wrath of Siren and, even though they are MG, enjoyed them immensely. If you’re looking for wholesome reads for your children, check out the next big thing for MG.


  1. whew! Now that is an entertaining story!
    After reading several of your blog posts, may I suggest you try the magazine market on your path to getting your books published. Having magazine credits give you something to put on your resume! And you do have a great tornado story here! Good luck.

  2. Wow- that was an intense story! I’m glad you’re okay but I bet right after it happened you thought to yourself “how can I use this in a story?” :)

  3. Hi Terry :) and thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, that is great advice, I should look into it if real life allows me the time. Congrats on the Andrea Brown contract! That must be very exciting, well done!

    Hi Lua! haha!! It didn't actually fit in my story too well, but that's a cracking idea to think about for my new one :)

  4. So THIS is what you meant when you spoke of things God has done for you! Gee, I'm really glad you were okay after that one!
    And you were there for the terrorist attack? OMG! Is there a blog you did for that one?? If so, give me the link, and hurry!!
    Your friend
    (miss ya)

  5. haha!! Hi Bethany :) No, I didn't blog about that. It was pretty uneventful. We heard what was going down on the radio and we decided to drive home before they closed London, the traffic is a nightmare on a good

    I do have plenty of true stories on here though. You should read The Curse of the 12th Century Monk...

    Or End of the World...