Thursday, 27 May 2010

Bee Attack--Kurt Chambers

I haven't got any writing related blogs to post at the minute as I'm waiting for a reply from a submission. It's like being in limbo waiting months on end for a reply. Anyway, while I'm waiting I guess I could tell you a story.

A few years ago, more than I care to remember, I was having a kids party for my eldest daughter. We were going to have a bouncy castle in the garden amongst other things. I needed to clear out the garden about a week before. There was an old carpet near the back door. I dragged it to the back of the garden and dumped it behind the shed. It was early evening and I was wearing my Arron (fisherman's) jumper (sweater) this day. I noticed there were a LOT of bees around all of a sudden. Big, fat bumble bees! I stood watching them for a while wondering why there were so many in my garden before it dawned on me there must be a bees nest in the carpet. I quickly rushed indoors to warn my wife to close the windows and make sure the children didn't go in the garden to play. We stood looking out of the kitchen glass door watching these bees milling around in a swarm just outside the kitchen window. We could hear them buzzing even from here.

I clearly remember turning to my wife and saying, "Man! They are well loud. It almost sounds as if they are in here with us!" Yes, typical me, famous last words and all that. I looked down and saw this MASSIVE bee clinging to my thick wooly jumper, trying its hardest to sting me to death I screamed like a girl and legged out of the front door. Lesley, my wife, stood watching me running around the car park like a loony trying to knock this thing off. I vaguely remember her wetting herself laughing in the background and pointing at me, as you would I guess. After running in circles for a while waving my arms wildly, I stopped panicking and looked down. It was STILL THERE! I went mental again, hahaha!! It must have looked proper funny! :D

A bloke came round from the Environmental Health office and told us that bumble bees are becoming rare these days because nobody wanted them as they didn't make honey. He persuaded us to keep the carpet until they left the nest later on in the year, and promised they wouldn't be a problem. Some of the nest lining had fallen out and the bees were flying around it trying to find the nest, so we spent the next week catching bees in a glass and guiding them to the carpet behind the shed, haha!! We had the party and he was right, we never even noticed the bees were there :)

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Query Submissions--Kurt Chambers

I am very excited this week. I am sending out a new query to a delightful lady called Lauri Hornik from the Penguin Group. After doing my research I discovered that Dial are looking for well written character-driven middle grade stories. I nearly jumped with excitement when I read this, it describes my book, Truth Teller, perfectly. Then I came upon an article where Lauri explained she loved books with heart where the interactions between the characters are warm and true. I nearly died! Has she read my book, I thought? She's describing my book! I'm sure she is!

I made my way to the submission guidelines to discover if it was possible for me to send a query. YES! They accepted submissions from ordinary people like me! What a stroke of luck. Then I found out that they don't accept email submission. Darn! I'm actually rather poor at the moment and there was no way I could send my MS half way around the world just now. What a shame, I had found the perfect publisher in a sea of non perfect publishers and I couldn't submit my work. Then my dear friend, Annie stepped in to save me...Thank you SO much, Annie!...She lives on that side of the world and told me to send everything to her via email and she will post it on my behalf. What an angel :)

So, after one whole week of preparation, I'm certain I have everything just perfect. Today my query gets posted to New York. I feel a song coming just hope this is the big break I have been working towards for so many years.