Friday, 23 October 2009

An interview with Kurt Chambers

Today I had my first ever interview as an author. It was an awesome experience. The massively talented author, Tamara Heiner, who is about to publish her first novel, Perilous, scheduled for release from WiDo Publishing in the Fall 2010, was kind enough to interview me and host the event on her web site, Chasing Dreams. Please visit her great blog and leave a comment. It will be much appreciated. Thank you so much, Tamara, you're an absolute star :-) Your interview was brilliant, it made me look well good For anyone who would like to read this interview, please click here.


  1. I checked it out. Kurt, you've hit the big time!!!! :-)

  2. (laughing)...Thanks mate! First of many I hope, but I'll always think of Tamara as my first :-)

  3. Awesome interview, Kurt! Now I have to hear you say "tomato" at least once in my life. LOL!

    Truth Teller rules!!

  4. Thank you, Annie, you're too kind :-)

    I'll try and remember next time I'm on