Tuesday, 6 October 2009

End of the World--Kurt Chambers

Well, I've posted a few sblogs (true story blogs) on SMBlooding and Crew, so I guess it's time to post one on my own blog.

Did I ever mention that my whole family are mental ...lol... Well, my mum tops them all, Mad Nan, as my kids call her :D And she thinks it's funny! Go figure! One day I was at home when I get an irate phone call ... It's my mum. She's practically screaming at me down the phone. I try and calm her down so I can understand what the hell she's going on about. I eventually get her to take some deep breaths and talk slower.

She says, "Kurt! There's a comet heading for earth! They've only just spotted it. It's coming and there's nothing they can do to stop it!"

I went cold. "What! No way, you must be mistaken! We would know about it!"

She starts going into one again, "It's on the news right now! I'm watching it! It's a live news report on Channel 4!"

By now I'm starting to feel sick. All I can think is, AHHHHH! This can't be happening! I put the phone down and ran upstairs to put the telly on in my bedroom. I can't let the kids see this. I switch it onto Channel 4. I see a live news report from American TV. The presenters are CRYING! They're saying there's a comet heading for earth and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. I immediately know that we are going to die. No if's or but's, we're going to DIE!

I can't even begin to explain how I feel. My three kids are playing happily downstairs. I can hear them. I'm clutching my head and breathing deeply as my wife comes rushing into the bedroom to see what all the fuss is about. I tell her, and point to the telly. We both stand there staring at it open-mouthed. I can't even speak. I've never been so gobsmacked in my whole life.

She says, "Check the other channels! It must be on the other channels!" I flick through, but find nothing. Les rushes out of the room and runs downstairs. All I can do is sit and watch this unbelievable spectacle on the telly. A million scenarios are running through my mind. I still can't believe this is happening, but it's staring me right in the face.

My wife runs back in the room and throws the TV guide at me. "Your ****** mother!" she yells at me. "It's not the news, it's a movie!"...lol...

I phoned my mum back straight away. I was tempted not to bother and let her continue thinking the world was about to end ...lol... And I have to confess, it was totally out of character, but I swore at her quite a lot :D

If it's not one thing, it's your mother...lol...

Truth Teller by Kurt Chambers

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Discovered alone in a far away forest, Charlotte embarks on a journey encountering heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.
But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.

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  1. Well, now we know where you get it....lol

  2. Ohhhhhhh, gads, Kurt. I had to wipe my eyes and change my pants--I LAUGHED SOOO HARD! I read it aloud to hubby, just because, well, I JUST HAD TO@ And here I thought I had the weirdest family. Man, Kurt, I can only imagine how you and Les felt. Holy Crap! *still laughing*

  3. lol...Yeah, it's not every day you think the world is going to end, hahaha!

  4. ROFL...oh goodness. I needed a good laugh! Only you, Kurt. Which is why I'm glad I know you...I can share in your crazy life. :P Love ya!

  5. Awww, thank you, Ralene. I love ya right back :)

  6. LMAO!
    Omg, i'm holding my sides as i read this at a coffee shop.

  7. haha!! I have other stories about my mum, Branli. I will have to tell you the gun story one day :)