Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Yesterday was a rejection day for me. It wasn’t one of the nicest ones I’ve had either. My youngest daughter calls me ‘The Rejectionator’ ...lol... Why do we do it to ourselves? When we enter the writing world to become a published author, rejection becomes the most significant part of our lives. It must have some phycological implications for us poor authors! But we soldier on despite being kicked in the teeth time after time. We cringe each time we see a celebrity novel teasing us from the best seller shelf written by some hired help. Well, I do anyway ...lol...

So, what’s the best way to deal with rejection? No, seriously, what is the best way? It’s driving me insane! ...lol... Just kidding, folks. If you submit your stuff to publishers or agents you are going to get rejected at some point (celebs. excluded of course ;) Expect it, it happens a lot. There are many reasons for being rejected, and believe it or not, the most least likely reason is because that particular agent or publisher didn’t like your work. I’m not going to list all the other reasons there are far too many, you’ll have to look them up yourself on Google. What I am trying to say is rejection is no reason for anyone to give up on their dream. Just think of it as part of the process and never take it personally.

So, for me, I’m one less rejection letter away from a publishing contract. The Rejectionator rules supreme ...lol...


  1. Aw. I will never call you that. It depresses me. Um...well...I don't really deal with rejection, to be honest. If I get a letter, I read it, I process it, and I get back to work. That's how I deal with it. I don't know why we do it. Maybe writers are just a bunch of masochists. Oh, and I sneer at celebrity novels, too. Unless they are about something actually worth reading about. lol. Good luck, hon.

  2. Hi Vicky!

    Thanks, mate :) It makes me feel like people actually read this stuff...lol...

    I don't mind being The Rejectionator. I thought it was funny. My Jayde cracks me up :)