Thursday, 30 July 2009


I am a total muppet. I just spent a good part of a few weeks getting ready to submit Truth Teller to an agent. I wanted it to be perfect. This agent looked perfect. This agent had a real passion for children’s literature. I was going to do it properly this time. I had just finished doing a synopsis and query letter workshop in the Novel Workshop and was brimming with confidence.

Okay, homework is the first thing on the list. My agent checked out as a God in the children’s market. I Googled her blog and found some useful info to use in my query letter to show her I’ve done my homework. I made the letter personal to her. They like all that. I rewrote my synopsis and query letter to everything I had been taught. But don’t be hasty! Get it checked out first with a few good people. I did and there was mistakes--Grrrr! That meant I couldn’t send it. But no, like I said, don’t be hasty. I’ll wait.

I do my edits. Man! This is taking forever. That’s it, I can’t wait any longer. With all this work it’s gotta be accepted. I’ve NEVER put this much work into a submission before. Right, I’ve been patient enough. I’m sending it! *Sit back in chair with a smug grin* I’m feeling confident!

Well, just for the crack I’ll read through it again. Bask in such a masterpiece.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I missed a major mistake! NO! Two mistakes! OMG! I’m an idiot! I’ve messed it up again! I want to cry, all that work for nothing. I hate myself. Why do I even bother.

Moral of this story:

Always, always, ALWAYS read everything before you send it. Don’t EVER be too hasty. Don’t be a muppet like me!


  1. Kurt - Don't sweat it. You are not the first person I know who shipped out a query, only to find out one day later that there was a big problem - say an obvious spelling mistake. LOL - it wasn't me. I was recently saved by the post office losing my submission! I resent it, only this time better!

  2. lol...That was lucky!

    I was just gutted that I'd put in weeks of work into this one submission, and then made a stupid mistake. I have enough rejection letters, I really didn't want another

  3. you bother because you care about your craft! and agents are human...they make mistakes, too! (at least, i hope that's how they'll view any mistakes in my queries or proposals!

  4. It would be nice to think they would turn a blind eye, Jeannie, if they were impressed by everything else, but I won't hold my