Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Interview with Tamara Heiner -- By Kurt Chambers

I would like to introduce all you avid blog readers to the amazingly talented author Tamara Heiner. Tamara is a very dear friend of mine and one of the loveliest people you could ever meet in the whole wide world. We met in the YA Novel Workshop where she has been a massive inspiration to us all. Her first book, Perilous, is scheduled for release from WiDo Publishing in the Fall 2010

Me: Tamara!

Tamara: Hi Kurt!

Me: What a great pleasure it is to have you with us today. You were the first person to interview me, and what a great interview that was. Now it's my turn to return the favour and I hope I can make you look as good as you did for me :) Here we go then. Could you start by telling us what inspired you to take up the pen and become a writer in the first place?

Tamara: That's like asking me what made me decide to eat when I felt hungry. It was, um, like instinct? My elementary school teachers encouraged writing. I wrote so many stories. In 2nd and 3rd grade my stories both won prizes. At the time I thought it was for the illustrations. Hee hee. I attempted my first novel in fourth grade, but mostly I was just copying another novel and changing the names. I grew out of that, though, and finally completed a novel in eighth grade.

Me: What would you say was the best advice you could give to any new authors who wanted to break into the publishing industry based on your own personal experiences?

Tamara: Oh yikes. I would say to never think your novel is finished. There's always more that can be done. And sometimes one minor change can really change the whole thing. If you can't think of what to change, ask someone else. Or do something drastic, like kill off a main character. That hypes the tension up like you wouldn't believe!

Me: Who is your favourite all time author in the world, and did their work have any influence on your own writing?

Tamara: I'm not sure who my favorite author is. I have a favorite book, A Rustle in the Grass by Robin Hawdon. It's a fantasy book about ants, and I don't think it really influenced my writing. I didn't like his other book so much, so I can't say he's my favorite author. I don't think I have one.

Me: If you had the choice to do any job, what would it be and why?

Tamara: Being a mom. I have the perfect job, actually. I'm mothering two sweet little boys and writing while they sleep. Plus I teach English in the wee hours before they wake up. One thing I dream of doing is getting licensed for foster care again. I really miss the boys we used to parent, and want to do something like that again. So, pretty much, parenting is the best job. :)

Me: We're all very proud of you, Tamara, running a household and bringing up children AND becoming a published author. How hard is that for you juggling a home life on top of everything else?

Tamara: Well, it can get very difficult. I get really frustrated when the boys wake up from their naps early! I mean, don't they know I have a schedule??? Can't they conform??? And I really really detest house-cleaning. I hate that I have to put aside what I enjoy so that I can clean the house. It's quite normal to find a week's worth of clean laundry in the sitting room. (I wash the clothes, at least.) My husband supports me, though. He believes in my dream, and he allows me to sacrifice other things so I can write. I think that really helps.

Me: Now you have your first published novel under your belt, where would you like to be in ten years from now?

Tamara: Oh, heavens, I'm just getting started! It's like, now that I have a contract, I opened the flood-gates to ideas. I would like to put out 1-2 novels a year and really make a name for myself. I'd like to make enough money to hire a maid, who can clean the beautiful house that we will have someday! I'll be done having babies by then too. That will really change things.

Me: If you had the choice of getting your YA novel, Branca, which is an awesome story I have to add, published with any publishing company in the world, who would you choose and for what reason?

Tamara: Good grief. I don't know. Probably Curtis Brown or Random House. Those are big names, trusted names. The very name says 'quality.' I'd be honored to get published by one of them.

Me: Time for some random questions now, I think. You didn't think I was going to make this easy for you did you?

Tamara: Easy? Man, you're making me think!

Me: If you had super powers and you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

Tamara: Broken families. Broken wedding vows. Somehow I would inspire people to have loyalty to their spouses and an undying love for each other, love that would be manifested in kindness and respect. That would be a pretty cool super power.

Me: Do you have any other talents apart from being an excellent writer?

Tamara: I'm a fantastic cook. Sometimes I sing, too.

Me: Are you planning on having any more children, or have the first two put you off?

Tamara: LOL. Funny you ask. We hope to have a large family and are actually trying for #3. (Not as we speak, of course.) We want five kids. But we also want a girl. So, if we end up with a dozen kids, you'll know it was b/c we didn't get our girl right away.

Me: I always ask this question because it's my favourite, if you had one wish, what would it be? And please, don't do a Miss World on me like Dawne Dominique did and say world one has already gone.

Tamara: Yeah, that's a lame answer.

Me: Shh! Don't say that, Dawne's probably reading this...LOL...

Tamara: Again, it goes back to families. I would wish that my husband and I and all of our children grow old together, happy, financially secure (is that asking too much??), and very much in love.

Me: Please could you tell us all about your wonderful story, Perilous, as I'm sure everyone is dying to know what it's all about.

Tamara: Perilous is a YA thriller, told from the point of view of Jaci, the main character. Jaci is from a small town and has grown up secure in her parents' religious beliefs. One night, she and three of her friends witness a crime. In an effort to silence them, the desperate criminal kidnaps them and drags them across the Canadian border, where he intends to sell them into the sex trade. The girls escape before he can. They make a run for freedom, but their kidnapper stays hot on their trail, always one step ahead of them. Will they make it to safety before he reclaims them?

Perilous is the first of two, maybe three books

Me: Thank you so much, Tamara, for coming to share your world with us. We all wish you the very best luck with your book launch next year, though I'm sure you won't need it.

Tamara: You'll be coming, right, Kurt? I'll autograph a book for you!

Me: I wish! haha!!! You can send me an autographed copy though if you like :) That would be awesome!

Please visit Tamara's excellent blog everyone, Chasing Dreams, and give her the encouragement and support we all need as writers. It will be very much appreciated.

Tamara: Thank you, Kurt! You're awesome!

Monday, 30 November 2009

My Second Interview--Kurt Chambers

Dawné Dominique is a published author of erotic romance, paranormal and fantasy. Weaving tales of intrigue that include riveting characters and spellbinding plots, she takes great pleasure in immersing an unsuspecting reader into the worlds she created, refusing to let them go until that last page is read. Between her jobs as a managing editor of the romance division and cover artist at loveyoudivine, she is also a cover artist for three other publishers, a moderator of a young adult novel workshop, a full-time writer, wife and mother, and a lover of all things mystical and forbidden.

Dawne's latest release, Eden's Hell is now available from here (Eden's Hell) where there is also a review of the story. Please visit her blog (Dawne's blog)

Not only is Dawne all of the above mentioned things, she is also and a wonderful kind hearted person in real life. I know that because she is one of my dearest friends, and I was very privilaged to be interviewed on her web site. It was an awesome experience and great fun (Interview with Kurt Chambers) Did I ever mention, Dawne, I love the title :)

Monday, 23 November 2009

An Interview With Dawné Dominique--By Kurt Chambers

It is a great pleasure to introduce a fantastic author and a very close personel friend of mine, Dawné Dominique. I first met Dawné many years ago in The YA Novel Workshop when Frankie persuaded her to do a port raid in there. She liked it so much, she decided to stay, and is now the official moderator of the forum along with Ralene. She took me under her wing and nurtured me through many hard times. Let me tell you, this lady is a real life angel as well as a fantastic author. Dawné is not only a published author, but she is also an editor and illustrator for two publishing companys. She created the book cover for my Truth Teller series, and I must say, I nearly died with delight when she sent it to me.

Dawné's newest novel, Eden's Hell, is now available to buy from here (Buy here) and please visit her blog site with all her latest news, including her first ever book signing. (Dawné's blog)

Okay, let's meet the author herself, Dawné Dominique...

Me: Hi Dawné. Let me kick this off with something easy. It's a question you're probably going to be asked like a million times, so you can practice on us. What actually inspired you to become an author in the first place?

Dawné: Hi, Kurt. Thanks for having me here. *waves*

To be honest, I didn’t aspire to be an author-author per se. I wrote because I felt a need to do so. If someone read and liked what I wrote, that was a bonus. Then real life kicked in, and I put my passion to the wayside to start a career and raise a family. It wasn’t until extreme stress of a job brought out the urge for me to begin writing again. I joined a collaborative writing forum wherein one author starts a story then another author jumps in and adds to it, etc. Well, I discovered then that the voices in my head could be a good thing. *grins* Then I discovered this wonderful writing forum called and began truly writing again. I was beginning to feel almost normal. I’d come home at night and escape into the worlds that I had created, that I could control. I was such a mess back then, but when I wrote, I felt like I actually had some power in my life. After penning, and finishing, a 150k+ fantasy novel, from there I didn’t look back. Mind you, a year after joining, I resigned from paralegal position and began writing fulltime.

Me: What would you say to us lesser people who are still waiting for that magical 'big break' that would inspire us to continue?

Dawné: I never, ever would consider an unpublished author “lesser people”. I was unpublished not that long ago, and it doesn’t make anyone else any less talented. Getting yourself published means Never Giving Up on Yourself. Screw the rejections. Yes, they hurt, but lick your wounds, brush yourself off and re-read the manuscript again. Where can it be improved? What can you change and edit? My advice to a novice author…join a writing forum, get feedback on your writing, and learn all you can. More importantly…Never Give Up!

Me: Can you describe how you felt when you first received your first publishing contract, and what did you do? I already know the answer to this as I remember it like it was yesterday but I would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

Dawné: In one word—stunned. It was so surreal, Kurt, as you know! I had submitted the first novel of my vampire series to this one publisher, and a contemporary western romance novella to another. I was offered the western contract first and then not even a week later, a contract was offered for my paranormal. However morbid this may sound, but I knew then that if I were to suddenly die, I’d go content, knowing I had fulfilled my greatest dream.

Me: Let’s hear a little about you. How would you describe yourself as a person?

Dawné: Wow. I’ve never been asked that before. I consider myself a gentle soul, very creative (I have multiple projects on the go ALWAYS) and I’m also a moon child. It’s why I HAVE TO write during the week of a full moon.

Me: What about the place where you write? Have you got a special place you can call your own where you create your wonderful stories?

Dawné: Well, this will blow everyone’s perception of me from the answer above, but I call it “my dungeon”. LoL We have a finished basement, and it’s where my office is located. I call it my dungeon because I sometimes feel shackled to my computer. There are some days I spend a minimum of 12 hours in front of the computer screen, but this also my own doing, however. My days can be filled with several cover art assignments that need completing or an author’d manuscript that need editing, and I could go to bed much earlier, but I choose not to in order to write or edit my own work. I make the sacrifice for my writing.

Me: What are your goals in life now that you've actually been published?

Dawné: I take one day at a time, and really, other than winning the lottery, I’m pretty damn content. *shrugs* I’m just a simple gal.

Me: Now, I know you have had your first book signing recently, can you tell us a little about that?

Dawné: First off, I don’t like being center of attention…AT ALL! That’s always been my twin sister’s thingy, so this was extremely tough and frightening. But I wasn’t alone. I had a dear author friend of mine visiting me from Arizona. The book-signing event was unbelievable. Coles Books was so impressed by the turnout, and the fun everyone had that they were writing to me to ask when I was going to be in next! My Mom was so proud. She had tears in her eyes as she held my book and whispered, “Your dad would be so proud of you.” : )

Me: What is your biggest fear?

Dawné: Someone reading one of my novels, hating it, and tearing it apart. Believe me, I’ve had it done, but I have to remember that it’s one person’s opinion. It’s difficult to shake off a bad review.

Me: If you could make one wish, what would it be? And you're not allowed to wish for unlimited wishes

Dawné: I’m going to sound like John Lennon, but…I’d wish for world peace. I know it’ll never be a reality, but it’s a wish, right? The wars and strife of today…yikes! Our children and grandchildren are growing up into a world that scares the bejesus out of me.

Me: You're about to be stranded on a desert island and you have just enough time to grab five books from the ship’s library. What five would you chose?

Dawné: Whoaaaaa. Now that is a toughie. Hmmm... Thomas Covenant, White Gold Wielder series


The Elfstones of Shanara

Hold on…

Lord of the Rings…


Anne Rice’s vampires and Mayfair witches…

Oh, to hell with it. I’ve already drowned. : )

Me: Now, finally, it's your chance to tell us all about your wonderful book Eden's Hell. Please tell us about your story, and what inspired you to write it.

Dawné: Have you ever wondered how and why vampires came to be, or where the story originated from—before Bram’s Stoker’s Dracula? I go to the beginning of time with a unique twist on the biblical tale of Adam and Lillith, Adam’s first wife—before Eve.

The inspiration came many years ago, after I had learned that Adam had had another wife. Research was interesting because some religions recognize Lillith, while others (like mine) don’t. This churned an idea for a possible novel, and I ran with it. All religions encompass blood in some way; either it’s mentioned, it’s honored through sacrifices, or it’s shed in their god’s name. I took it a step further and presented a plausible reason as to why nocturnals, The First vampires, came into existence.

Addison Eden, the main character, hates what he is, but he’s addicted to feeling alive, and this happens only after he’s fed. It’s the only time he truly feels like he belongs in the world. His hunger is a compelling need, and it’s the driving force that keeps him around. When he discovers a mortal woman, Eva, running for her life on his stretch of private beach, he does something he’s never done before. He rescues her.

In three days, their worlds, and that of the Vampire Creed’s, is forever altered.

Bitten by Books had this to say about Eden’s Hell:

Eden’s Hell by Dawne Dominique was in one word: marvelous! This book had so many twists and turns that it kept you guessing. The storyline was so unique. Eden’s Hell had just the right amount of sexual tension, mystery and drama. According (to) the last page, this is only the beginning to a wonderful series.

Me: I can't thank you enough for giving me the honour of interviewing you. This was my first ever interview and I couldn't think of a more awesome person in the whole world to practice on :)

Dawné: Thank you so much for having me. These interview questions were amazing!

Hugs and love,

Friday, 23 October 2009

An interview with Kurt Chambers

Today I had my first ever interview as an author. It was an awesome experience. The massively talented author, Tamara Heiner, who is about to publish her first novel, Perilous, scheduled for release from WiDo Publishing in the Fall 2010, was kind enough to interview me and host the event on her web site, Chasing Dreams. Please visit her great blog and leave a comment. It will be much appreciated. Thank you so much, Tamara, you're an absolute star :-) Your interview was brilliant, it made me look well good For anyone who would like to read this interview, please click here.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

End of the World--Kurt Chambers

Well, I've posted a few sblogs (true story blogs) on SMBlooding and Crew, so I guess it's time to post one on my own blog.

Did I ever mention that my whole family are mental Well, my mum tops them all, Mad Nan, as my kids call her :D And she thinks it's funny! Go figure! One day I was at home when I get an irate phone call ... It's my mum. She's practically screaming at me down the phone. I try and calm her down so I can understand what the hell she's going on about. I eventually get her to take some deep breaths and talk slower.

She says, "Kurt! There's a comet heading for earth! They've only just spotted it. It's coming and there's nothing they can do to stop it!"

I went cold. "What! No way, you must be mistaken! We would know about it!"

She starts going into one again, "It's on the news right now! I'm watching it! It's a live news report on Channel 4!"

By now I'm starting to feel sick. All I can think is, AHHHHH! This can't be happening! I put the phone down and ran upstairs to put the telly on in my bedroom. I can't let the kids see this. I switch it onto Channel 4. I see a live news report from American TV. The presenters are CRYING! They're saying there's a comet heading for earth and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. I immediately know that we are going to die. No if's or but's, we're going to DIE!

I can't even begin to explain how I feel. My three kids are playing happily downstairs. I can hear them. I'm clutching my head and breathing deeply as my wife comes rushing into the bedroom to see what all the fuss is about. I tell her, and point to the telly. We both stand there staring at it open-mouthed. I can't even speak. I've never been so gobsmacked in my whole life.

She says, "Check the other channels! It must be on the other channels!" I flick through, but find nothing. Les rushes out of the room and runs downstairs. All I can do is sit and watch this unbelievable spectacle on the telly. A million scenarios are running through my mind. I still can't believe this is happening, but it's staring me right in the face.

My wife runs back in the room and throws the TV guide at me. "Your ****** mother!" she yells at me. "It's not the news, it's a movie!"

I phoned my mum back straight away. I was tempted not to bother and let her continue thinking the world was about to end And I have to confess, it was totally out of character, but I swore at her quite a lot :D

If it's not one thing, it's your

Truth Teller by Kurt Chambers

How can ten-year-old Charlotte ever envisage that magic really exists? The place for other realms belongs in a child’s fairy tale. Or so she thinks, until she discovers the strange shopkeeper and begins an adventure that changes her life forever.
Discovered alone in a far away forest, Charlotte embarks on a journey encountering heart-stopping dangers and real life monsters, but a far greater threat shadows her every move. Even the strength and skill of her new companions cannot protect her against a ruthless druid assassin.
But in this realm, Charlotte is not the vulnerable little girl she thought she was.

Download a free copy in any format for any device:



Barnes & Noble:

Friday, 18 September 2009

New Site -- Kurt Chambers

This has been a good week in writers terms. I've received some very useful feedback on my new children's novel, The World in Johnny's Back garden, which in turn has encouraged me to start writing again. It's slow progress, but any progress is better than none. Also, as you can see from my last post I now have a fantastic book cover for the first book in my Truth Teller series. Another massive encouragement. What would us poor writers do without such fantastic friends. Go insane I should think.

So, what's next? Well, usually it's the same old routine for any author, writing, reviewing, editing, but this week I decided to make a start on a shiny new web site. My old one desperately needed an overhaul. I made it a long time ago, and as any writer knows, things change very quickly. Updates are constantly needed. A little voice in my head was screaming at me to start a fresh. So that's what I did. Let me introduce you to my shiny new site, with fresh images and a spanky new slogan. Okay, it's far from being finished yet. It still needs new pages to be added, and I haven't done my research on the technical side of tags and such things. Once this is complete I will release it to the world, but for any of my blog readers you can have a sneak preview. (Click here)

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Truth Teller Cover Art

Today I received my first ever official book cover for Truth Teller. I'm very excited about it, it's absolutely AWESOME as you can see :-) Let me just say a MASSIVE thank you to the cover artist who made it for me. Dawné Dominique, published author of Daniella Rolfe, editor and illustrator for two publishing company's, and most importantly one of my dearest friends, created this magnificent book cover. Not only that, but she has encouraged, taught and nurtured me through the whole of my writing career and through some of the worst times of my life. I owe her so much. She is a real life angel.

Thank you so much for being my friend, my tutor, and a wonderful person. I wish everyone in the world could be just like you :-)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Just My Thoughts--Kurt Chambers

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Ever heard that saying? Ever really thought what it really means? Maybe today you should. Sayings are funny things. Where do they come from you may wonder. Sayings come about from the wise words of people who have experienced life themselves, and the only reasons they actually become sayings that everybody knows is because they are true, and they relate to our lives. If they are not true, then they simply don't become sayings, end of.

Here's another saying for you...Life is too short. And believe me, it is. How about...Live every day as though it was the last day of the rest of your life. Another good one. All true and very wise words indeed. So, what am I getting at here people. As any older person will tell you, your life will come and go in the blink of an eye. Any younger readers will find this concept hard to believe, but trust me when I say, it really does.

Now is the time for all you people out there to stop and really think about what is important to you. Think about the people who are important in your lives. If you have anything you've been meaning to say or do, but never got round to it, then now is the time to do it. Don't leave it until tomorrow, it might be too late. Say what you have to say, do what you have to do. Too many people in this world take their time on this planet with a pinch of salt, and find that all too often, they put things off that they really shouldn't of.

Don't leave this world with regrets. Your time is now; use that time to the max. One day you will find you don't have enough time left to achieve what is important to you. One day you may find yourself wondering why you didn't do a certain something in your life that you should of done a long time ago. Life really is too short. Take it from someone that knows what they're talking about.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Novel Reborn

The people that know me will know I have never been a big fan of writing a novel just to suit the market. That's crazy, in a way, writing should come from the heart. But I'm not the angel I make myself out to be, because I have considered doing this myself. In fact, the next two novels I am writing were born from this idea. I like to think though, that it's just the 'ideas' behind these novels that were aimed at the market and nothing else. The stories themselves do definitely come from the heart.

One of these stories is about to make a comeback. I came up with the idea a long time ago, and I even wrote the first chapter. It is a children's story that will hopefully give kids an alternative view of all living things. The original title was, Alternate Lives, but for a kids book it was lame. It's now called, The World in Johnny's Back Garden. It was going to be a series of mini adventure stories shown through the eyes of different living things, a tree, slug, mouse, dandelion...etc. I recently discussed my ideas with some friends and have since written an outline. The book have evolved into something very different. Better I hope.

Last year I mentioned this novel in my bio when sending a query to Ladybird Publishers. I received a very positive response. They remarked that their editorial panel was very impressed with my ideas and my approach. This was very encouraging. Now I have decided to bring this novel back to life in the very near future. It should be a fun book to write.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I feel a blog is in order today. Nothing book related, this is simply all about me Yesterday I had two grandchildren, but today I have three. I found this out through a very obscure phone call during the day. I discovered I had a granddaughter I didn't know about. Kimberly, a beautiful little girl, 5 months old. I held her for the first time today. I had my three grandchildren in my living room this after noon. It was very strange. All I could think of was granny's famous rollercoaster story...


When I was 19, grandpa took me on a rollercoaster...up, down, up, down, oh what a ride. I wanted to go on it again. I could never understand how a ride could make you feel so excited, so thrilled and exhilarated yet so sick all at the same time.

Some people didn't like it. They preferred to go on the roundabout, but that just went around and around.

I liked the rollercoaster. You get so much more out of it.


I'm beginning to see the appeal in the roundabout.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Good Days

Today is a good day :)

My office is up and running, and already I have sent a submission sucessfully from there. Today, I actually got to do some writing at last. It's been way too long since I did that. It feels good to be back in the authors seat again, (especially in a spanking new

To make my day just peachy, the wonderful SM Blooding and Crew have nominated my blog for the wonderful and prestigious 'Lemonade Stand Blog award'. Thank you so much Frankie, you're an absolute star! ***heart***

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

This week I officially opened my office. Yay! I have a real last! This is a major plus for me, because the only access I had to a computer before was in my livingroom. Not good! Have you ever tried to write with the TV blasting out behind you? Ever tried to live in a three bedroom house with eight people Not good! It made writing at the computer impossible. It made everything impossible! But that was then, and this is now.

Now I have the coolest office in the world. So, what makes my office cooler than any other? Well, the answer to that is I built it myself. I'm a carpenter by trade. Six or seven years ago I worked on a site building barn conversions and managed to 'acquire' enough materials to build my very own, mini barn conversion in my garden. It's awesome, with a hand built staircase leading up to an open gallery upstairs. It's only small, but it's been crafted to the upmost quality. But the coolest thing about it is, it's now the place where I create my stories, and it will be the place where I get those stories published.

And I did it all myself. That will make the achievement even sweeter.

For anyone interested, here's a picture...

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I am a total muppet. I just spent a good part of a few weeks getting ready to submit Truth Teller to an agent. I wanted it to be perfect. This agent looked perfect. This agent had a real passion for children’s literature. I was going to do it properly this time. I had just finished doing a synopsis and query letter workshop in the Novel Workshop and was brimming with confidence.

Okay, homework is the first thing on the list. My agent checked out as a God in the children’s market. I Googled her blog and found some useful info to use in my query letter to show her I’ve done my homework. I made the letter personal to her. They like all that. I rewrote my synopsis and query letter to everything I had been taught. But don’t be hasty! Get it checked out first with a few good people. I did and there was mistakes--Grrrr! That meant I couldn’t send it. But no, like I said, don’t be hasty. I’ll wait.

I do my edits. Man! This is taking forever. That’s it, I can’t wait any longer. With all this work it’s gotta be accepted. I’ve NEVER put this much work into a submission before. Right, I’ve been patient enough. I’m sending it! *Sit back in chair with a smug grin* I’m feeling confident!

Well, just for the crack I’ll read through it again. Bask in such a masterpiece.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! I missed a major mistake! NO! Two mistakes! OMG! I’m an idiot! I’ve messed it up again! I want to cry, all that work for nothing. I hate myself. Why do I even bother.

Moral of this story:

Always, always, ALWAYS read everything before you send it. Don’t EVER be too hasty. Don’t be a muppet like me!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Yesterday was a rejection day for me. It wasn’t one of the nicest ones I’ve had either. My youngest daughter calls me ‘The Rejectionator’ Why do we do it to ourselves? When we enter the writing world to become a published author, rejection becomes the most significant part of our lives. It must have some phycological implications for us poor authors! But we soldier on despite being kicked in the teeth time after time. We cringe each time we see a celebrity novel teasing us from the best seller shelf written by some hired help. Well, I do anyway

So, what’s the best way to deal with rejection? No, seriously, what is the best way? It’s driving me insane! Just kidding, folks. If you submit your stuff to publishers or agents you are going to get rejected at some point (celebs. excluded of course ;) Expect it, it happens a lot. There are many reasons for being rejected, and believe it or not, the most least likely reason is because that particular agent or publisher didn’t like your work. I’m not going to list all the other reasons there are far too many, you’ll have to look them up yourself on Google. What I am trying to say is rejection is no reason for anyone to give up on their dream. Just think of it as part of the process and never take it personally.

So, for me, I’m one less rejection letter away from a publishing contract. The Rejectionator rules supreme

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Welcome to my first blog ever. Yes, I'm a bit of a dinosaur and blogging has never been my thing. Well, as I'm hoping to become a published author sometime in the future I suppose I have to start somewhere. A little about me: I'm married with three children and two grandchildren. I hear you gasp. Surely not! Grandad at 41...Nice! I come from England, south east, where at the moment I share my home with all the above mentioned. In a word, insane.

I'm not like most writers you will probably come across in your travels. Most writers I know have studied the art all their lives, living and breathing writing since they were young. I never wanted to be a writer. It was just something I stumbled across through strange circumstances. English was something I always struggled with. I was never very good at reading, and was even worse at spelling. Please don't be put off, I've come a long way since then,, writing has taken over my life. I love it, I'm totally hooked. I've written three complete novels in a children's fantasy series, and I'm working on two other novels that I'm really excited about. My aim at this point in my life is to write for a living.